Friday, May 28, 2010


What a trip! Japan is SO different. I feel like I'm in the future. You should see the view from my hotel right now. We're staying in pretty much a 5 star hotel over looking all of Tokyo. The past couple days I've been taking the train into Shibuya with my friends Tyler Warren, His girlfriend Taylor Simpkins, and my friends Harrison Roach and Matty from Australia. It's such a trip dude! I've been here four times now but every single time I've just been so amazed. The Japanese culture is so interesting. The clothing styles around Tokyo are pretty rad, everyone has their own style.

Yesterday we were shopping around and I ran into a Gotcha store! It's called G-Land. They sell Gotcha and MCD. I was so surprised when I rocked up there haha...I also spotted a kid wearing Gotcha and took a photo of him. He was stoked :)

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